Celebrating Silver Jubilee of Theatresports™ Melbourne*

Impro Melbourne’s popular flagship show Theatresports™ is steaming into town for its 25th season!

Theatresports’™ timeless appeal of competitive sports and comedy has become one of the most recognisable forms of theatre in Australia. From its humble beginnings of novice improvisers with unscripted dreams and a flair for tomfoolery, Theatresports™ is now a renowned hunting ground of new talent.

Countless Australian actors and comics, including Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz), Russell Fletcher (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Colin Lane (Lano & Woodley), have all starred onstage at Theatresports™. This year, old meets new as a handful of Theatresports™ veterans take to the stage with improvisers barely as old as the show.

Today, Theatresports™ is a globalised form of improvised theatre, played by thousands of improvisers who know that language and cultural barriers can never get in the way of the international expression of laughter.

So come on down and join us for the fast and furious fun of Theatresports™ — Melbourne style. Grab a latte, don your team’s colours and cheer like it was Friday Night Football.

Returning to the iconic Theatre Works stage in the heart of St Kilda on Sunday nights from 19 September to 21 November, the improvisers never miss a beat in the race to become the Theatresports™ Champions of 2010.

*Based on media release issued by Impro Melbourne & Theatre Works.