Zoe and Penny’s Very Short Attention Span

Once under a Sky


Girlicious: A sparkling showcase of theatre linked by the theme of women*

Theatrical, authentic, sexy, innovative, fearless and entertaining ... Girlicious will turn Sydney’s Newtown Theatre into a sparkling showcase of diverse and exceptional theatre makers all linked by the theme of women: their art and their lives.

The series of shows is part of The Sydney Fringe, which runs from 10–26 September.

From hauntingly poetic to hilariously bizarre, saucy burlesque to powerful relationship drama, breezy cabaret to joyful theatrical adventures for kids ... Girlicious has it all.

Says Girlicious artistic director Tanya Denny: “By promoting a platform that explodes stereotypes with our tongue firmly pressed to our cheeks, Girlicious screams: Fasten your seat belts — the girls are here!”

From the haunting love experiment of Arnold Wesker’s Four Seasons and the sad beauty and humour of Lena Cruz in Bittersweet, to the burlesque extravaganza of Varia Tease or the Vegas-style parody show It’s Time to Sparkle Darlings, the magical clowning and physical theatre of Once Under the Sky to the enchanting shadow puppetry of the children’s show Pesciolino… there’s something for everyone.

Girlicious will kick off on 10 September with The Pink Revue, a night of cabaret and pink champagne as well as a fundraiser to boost awareness of breast cancer research. All funds will go to The Pink Ribbon Foundation. Host for the evening is Ms Sophie Cook who will introduce some of the amazing stars of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Other shows in the line-up are:

The Four Seasons (Harlos Productons & The Sydney Fringe)

Adam and Beatrice have been bruised by their separate marriages and love affairs, and have agreed to spend time together — a kind of love experiment. In winter she is catatonic. By the spring his caring has thawed her frozen feelings. When summer comes they are in love, and Beatrice begs Adam to come away and begin a new life together in the real world. He hesitates. They linger till autumn ...

Bitter/Sweet (Thomson Street & The Sydney Fringe)

Oprah hits a high note, Nigella prepares the perfect the cup of tea and Beyonce is … well … fierce in this excruciatingly beautiful and surprisingly funny exploration into the aftermath of dead babies, dead husbands, dead dreams.  Performer Lena Cruz, best known for her role of Cynthia in Priscilla Queen of the Desert — The Musical, traverses this difficult territory with grace and guts and discovers that in the face of birth and death there is in fact new life.

Zoe and Penny’s Very Short Attention Span

Be warned, this condition is contagious. Symptoms include head-butting walls, talking to strangers and an irrational fear of dullness. Join Zoe and Penny in an evening of sketch comedy. If boredom is getting you down, don’t delay. Put some underpants on and stand up.

This Mortal Coil

Seven characters are catapulted into a mysterious world to confront their destiny. Seemingly waking from a dream, the group of women are challenged by the caretaker of a black room with no doors to complete a task that will change their lives forever. As each character reveals various aspects of her past and tries to uncover her reason for being there, it becomes apparent that there is more to the caretaker and the room than first meets the eye. The women also discover that each of them has a past and view of the world that is vastly different from the others’. The play’s themes are both universal and timeless — the treatment of women throughout the ages; fate versus self-determination; the possibility of life after death; and the evolution of western society.


Drawing on the vaudeville variety shows of old, Vari-a-tease is a mixed bag of variety allsorts. Something for everyone — traditional and “neo-burlesque”, pole dancing, cabaret and good old fashioned vaudeville entertainment.

Once under a Sky

A whimsical yet energetic tale of two fisherwomen who journey from their seaside village to arid desert. An enticingly poetic venture into the unknown with unique physicality and magical deftness of touch.

The Girlicious program also includes a series of foyer shows and children’s shows.

For  complete program details, visit The Sydney Fringe or Newtown Theatre.

*Based on media release issued by Newtown Theatre.

The Four Seasons