New Theatre revisits the psychological thriller that outraged the world in 1973*

Sydney’s New Theatre will next month present Peter Shaffer’s psychological thriller Equus, under the direction of Helen Tonkin.

Teenager Alan Strang is accused of a seemingly inexplicable act of violence — blinding six horses with a metal spike. The man with the key to the boy’s mind and future is child psychiatrist Martin Dysart.

As he begins to wrestle with a disturbed adolescent psyche scarred by repressed passions, guilt and fantasies, Dysart must confront his own self-doubt and fears.

Equus, with its themes of religious and sexual obsession, ritual sacrifice and family dysfunction, caused outrage on debut in 1973. Three decades later it is rightly viewed as one of the great plays of the 20th century.

Shaffer’s psychological thriller is a masterful piece of storytelling, potent and confronting, an intimate drama of epic proportions that uncovers our darkest secrets and deepest desires.

Equus will run at New Theatre from 2–23 October.

*Based on media release issued by New Theatre.