Yellow Moon brings four new faces to the Belvoir Downstairs stage*

From 2 September, B Sharp will welcome four fresh new faces to the Belvoir Downstairs stage, presenting a work from David Greig, one of Scotland’s most prolific playwrights.

Written for the TAG Theatre Company, the children and young people’s arm of the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee tells the Bonnie-and-Clyde tale of two troubled urban teens on the run from their deadbeat town following an accidental murder.

Stag Lee is 17, bored, and sitting around dreaming about making money from a life of crime. Silent Leila, a self-hating Muslim teenager, is at the all-night superstore wishing she lived inside the pages of a celebrity magazine so she wouldn’t feel so stupid and ugly all the time.

The two meet, become friends and head off side-by-side on a rollercoaster quest of self-discovery.

Encapsulated in White Blackbird’s signature style, Yellow Moon utilises physical storytelling to transition between narrative and poetry.

Director Susanna Dowling says: “I was looking for a piece that we could enrich with lyrical physicality when I came across Yellow Moon. What’s unique about this work, however, is that it’s equally infused with David Greig’s renowned sense of grounding.

“At White Blackbird, we’ve undertaken workshops with many young people in the past, particularly in Sydney’s South West, and felt strongly drawn to the characters in this play who talk directly to so many of the kids we’ve worked with. It’s a global production but one that we believe will have a deep resonance in contemporary Sydney.”

For their first Belvoir Street Theatre performances, B Sharp welcomes four new faces to the Downstairs stage:

§ New Zealand actor Danielle Cormack — Rake, airing soon on ABC, and Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, for which she won Best Actress in the NZ Film and TV Awards.

§ Layla Estasy — The Jesters and The House of Bernada Alba.

§ Kenneth Moraleda — Lucky Mile, for which he won Best Actor in the Cinemanila International Film Festival, and A Man with Five Children (Sydney Theatre Company).

§ John Shrimpton — Wolverine and Cherry Smoke (Glass Umbrella Creative).

*Based on media release issued by B Sharp.