DINING: 21 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Buvette Bistro and Wine Bar at the Hotel Realm receives top gong at Restaurant Industry Awards. MORE

DINING: 20 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Abode Bistro & Bar dazzles at 2016 NSW Savour Awards. MORE

INDULGING: 22 AUGUST 2016 | A decadent way to indulge yourself. MORE

WINE REVIEWS: 11 AUGUST 2016 | Chapel Hill 2016 Chardonnay | Cassegrain 2015 Edition Noir Durif | Toolangi 2014 Pinot Noir | Willow Creek 2014 Vineyard Pinot Noir. MORE

WINE: Let's hear if for riesling ... a great Australian drink ... new releases from Leo Buring highlight the variety's charm ... plus new releases from Pipers Brook. MORE

WINE: Louisa Rose ... working magic at Yalumba with the exotic viognier ... plus new releases from Orange's Brangayne. MORE

WINE: Wolf Blass ... a genuine, larger-than-life Australian wine-industry legend. Plus reviews of Blass and Bremerton wines. MORE

COOKING: By ROBERTA MUIR ... Mocha Self-Saucing Pudding. MORE

WINE REVIEWS: Toolangi 2013 Pauls Lane Shiraz; Shaw Vineyard 2015 Winemaker’s Selection Semillon Sauvignon Blanc; Cassegrain 2015 Seasons Autumn Merlot; Cassegrain 2015 Edition Noir Three Tiers. MORE

WINE NOTES: Reviews include Yellowglen Yellow Rainbow Celebration Brut Cuvée and Centennial 2014 Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir. MORE

COOKING: Toast and salads ... simple foods that need not be boring. MORE

DINING: Saskia Beer to bring a real taste of the region to Novotel Barossa Valley Resort. MORE

WINE: Pipers Brook 2013 Pinot Noir; Yering Station 2013 Chardonnay; Hamelin Bay 2015 Rosé; Hamelin Bay 2012 Rampant Red. MORE

COOKING: Top chef responds to diabetic challenge. MORE

DINING: Jupiters launches fresh new restaurant Garden Kitchen & Bar. MORE WINE: Location spot on, but John Cassegrain seeks grapes from cooler climes. MORE

WINE: Latest reviews include four wines from Cassegrain. MORE WINE: Latest reviews include three wines from Brown Brothers. MORE

WINE: The Australian wine industry really knows how to play the name game. MORE WINE: Latest reviews include four reds from Western Australia's Houghton. MORE

DINING: Saké Restaurant & Bar is sizzling with summertime specials. MORE COOKING: Fowlers Vacola marks century as Gen X and Y lead food-preserving resurgence. MORE

WINE: De Salis 2013 Wild Fumé ... I reckon that this wine represents the future of Aussie sauv blanc — so, so food friendly. MORE WINE: The Crater Rim 2012 Canterbury Pinot Noir ... comes very, very close to being the best pinot I've tried for less than $30. MORE

WINE: Houghton 2013 Crofters Frankland River Shiraz ... Peppery nuances add intrigue to the underlying flavours of dark berry fruits. MORE WINE: Houghton 2013 Crofters Sauvignon Blanc Semillon ... A mouthful of fresh, crunchy flavour. MORE

WINE: The Orange I grew up in during the 1950s and 60s was a very different place to the one I visited recently for the district’s annual wine festival. MORE WINE: Angullong 2013 Orange Shiraz ... As with a pup, look at the size of the feet it will eventually grow into. MORE

WINE: Angullong 2014 Fossil Hill Vermentino ... lots of fresh citrus and tropical fruit flavours that will suit it for many simple seafood dishes. MORE WINE: Patina 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon ... the tannins have softened and the wine goes perfectly with pink roast lamb. MORE

WINE: Patina 2014 Riesling ... a clean, linear thread of crisp acidity balancing quite generous limey fruit flavours. MORE WINE: Moet et Chandon's Yarra Valley outpost pays some real dividends. MORE

WINE: Domaine Chandon NV Sparkling Pinot Shiraz ... Save a couple of bottles for Xmas lunch, when they will sit perfectly alongside roast turkey. MORE WINE: Domaine Chandon NV Cuvée Riche ... Opulent is the first word to spring to mind about this richly flavoured sweeter style of bubbly. MORE

WINE: Blue Pyrenees 2010 Midnight Cuvée ... A delightful bubbly with a strong, fine bead and lovely bready, yeasty characters. MORE WINE: Blue Pyrenees 2012 Shiraz ... You can almost taste the gumtrees that dominate the landscape in Victoria’s Pyrenees district. MORE

WINE & FOOD EVENTS: Go hunting for fine wine and food at Sydney's Balmoral Beach. MORE WINE: Taste your way through the best of NSW. MORE

COOKING: Sepia ... enjoy the glamour and sophistication of an award-winning restaurant’s Japanese-influenced food. MORE WINE: Rymill ... For the love of horses and very fine wine. MORE

WINE: Rymill 2012 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon ... Some real backbone and the potential to grow into a Coonawarra classic. MORE WINE: Rymill 2012 Coonawarra MC2 ... A well balanced match for a thin-based pizza with lots of pepperoni. MORE

WINE: Krinklewood 2014 Francesca Rosé ... Enjoy as an aperitif or with a plate of antipasto. MORE WINE: Krinklewood 2013 Wild Red ... Love the packaging of this Hunter dry red, and I reckon the contents of the bottle are pretty nifty too. MORE

COOKING: Make your own wood-fired pizza oven and create the perfect pizza. MORE WINE: Drumborg's windy isolation paves the way for some of our greatest wines. MORE

WINE: Seppelt 2013 Drumborg Chardonnay ... The sunny 2013 vintage has produced a sunny chardonnay that oozes complex flavours. MORE WINE: Seppelt 2014 Drumborg Riesling ... shows aromas of lime zest and frangipani, and a steely palate that is a guarantee of longevity. MORE

WINE: Oxford Landing 2013 Shiraz ... Dark berryfruits, plums and cherries are all present in this straightforward quaffer. MORE WINE: Oxford Landing 2014 Pinot Grigio ... a classic Italian-style pinot grigio — simple, refreshing and crunchy. MORE

WINE: Ben joins Dominique and takes Portet family to ten generations of winemakers. MORE WINE: Dominique Portet 2014 Fontaine Rosé ... It seems to do a tango on your tongue and then finishes completely dry. Quite perfect really. MORE

WINE: The Winesmiths 2013 Chardonnay ... This is a good middle-of-the-road chardy showing fresh melony and stonefruit flavours. MORE WINE: Witches Falls 2011 Merlot ... rich cherry and plum flavours, some judicious oak treatment, and a completely dry, lingering finish. MORE

WINE: Witches Falls 2013 Wild Ferment Chardonnay ... I really like this wine’s melony fruit flavours and complexity. MORE WINE: Daniel Binet uses his skills ... and charms ... to great effect. MORE

WINE: Domaine de Binet 2013 Hunter Valley Tempranillo ... has a soft, gentle earthiness to it — a very good food wine. MORE WINE: Domaine de Binet 2013 Hunter Valley Semillon ... combines traditional Hunter freshness and leanness with a degree of complexity. MORE

WINE: Hardys 2012 The Chronicles Butcher's Gold Shiraz ... aromas of dark berries and spice, and rich, velvety softness on the palate. MORE WINE: Hardys 2014 The Chronicles The Gamble Chardonnay ... delightful fresh stonefruit and melon flavours. MORE

COOKING: The Kitchen Therapist ... Jo Richardson investigates the endless list of chicken possibilities. MORE COOKING: Tasmanian Trail ... Ben Milbourne showcases the produce of a thriving foodie paradise. MORE

WINE: Murray Tyrrell ... memories of one of the greatest Hunter Valley champions. MORE WINE: Tyrrells 2009 Vat 1 Semillon has become the absolute benchmark for Hunter semillon over the years. MORE

WINE: Tyrrells 2009 HVD Semillon ... just starting to emerge from its cocoon and an absolute joy to drink. MORE WINE: Lowe 2013 Nullo Mountain Late-Harvest Riesling ... shows perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, and also some botrytised character. MORE

COOKING: Recipes from a destination of zany deliciousness in North Hobart. MORE WINE: Zema Estate's hands-on approach pays rich dividends in Coonawarra. MORE

WINE: Catherine Vale 2013 Arneis ... a gentler, just-as-aromatic but less pungent alternative to sauvignon blanc. MORE WINE: Zema Estate 2006 Saluti ... Combine with a slow-roasted leg of lamb and some steamed spring vegetables and you’ll be close to nirvana. MORE

WINE: Zema Estate 2008 Family Selection Cabernet Sauvignon ... even at more than six years of age, this dry red has considerable life ahead of it. MORE WINE: Zema Estate 2009 Cluny Cabernet Merlot ... This is a wine I respect almost as much as the actor of the same name. MORE

WINE: Lowe 2012 Mudgee Blue Cabernet Shiraz ... the two grape varieties complement each other perfectly. MORE OLIVE OIL: Cobram Estate delivers the good oil at Sydney Royal Spring Fine Food Show. MORE

WINE: Best's Great Western ... generations of great red wine. MORE WINE: Best’s 2012 White Gravel Hills Shiraz ... retains that savoury character that so clearly differentiates Great Western shiraz. MORE

WINE: Best’s Great Western 2013 Bin 1 Shiraz ... a definite savoury edge that makes it such a good wine with foods like roasted meats. MORE WINE: Berton 2010 Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon ... you would expect to pay more than this for a good-quality Coonawarra cab. MORE

WINE: Berton 2014 Classic Chardonnay ... shows more tropical-fruit and citrus flavours than most chardonnays. MORE CHEESE: Borrodell's hands-on workshop for budding cheesemakers. MORE

COOKING: Slide into entertainment the easy way with David Cowie's new guide. MORE DINING: Criniti's ... the days of the long lunch are long gone ... long live the short lunch. MORE

GASTRONOMY: A new breed of niche gastronomic education announces its first graduate. MORE COOKING: So what the heck is kokum? Introducing Kokum & Co, SpiceVine's new marinade. MORE

COOKING: Samira El Khafir spreads a love for Middle-Eastern cooking. MORE WINE: Tasmanian sparkling ... My how we gorged ourselves that night on Jansz and smoked salmon. MORE

WINE: Printhie 2013 Mountain Range Merlot ... Unlike many Australian merlots, this wine is genuinely dry. MORE WINE: Jansz NV Premium Cuvée ... certainly no slouch and, like the others, proudly carries a declaration of Tasmanian origin. MORE

WINE: Jansz 2010 Vintage Rosé ... the use of red grapes has given the wine great length and strength on the palate. MORE WINE: Jansz 2008 Single-Vineyard Vintage Chardonnay ... the sort of wine that should have the French running scared, very scared. MORE

WINE: Coonawarra ... it's not as simple as it looks, says Balnaves' Peter Bissell. MORE WINE: Balnaves 2010 Shiraz ... laudable length and depth of flavour, held tight by vanillin oak and grippy tannins. MORE

WINE: Balnaves 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon ... loaded with cassis-like blackcurrant flavours that have been made more complex. MORE WINE: Tyrrells 2014 Lost Block Sauvignon Blanc ... reinforces my high opinion of Orange as source of premium sauvignon blanc. MORE

WINE: Tyrrells 2013 Lost Block Merlot ... soft, generously flavoured in the dark berry fruit spectrum, and immediately gluggable. MORE WINE: The power of blends ... the best recent example has come from the cool altitudes of the New England district in northern NSW. MORE

WINE: Andrew Peace 2014 The Unexpected Shiraz ... I’d drink it with roast beef but vegans will no doubt stick to something such as baked winter vegetables. MORE WINE: Shaw+Smith 2014 Sauvignon Blanc ... will do most gently flavoured seafood dishes proud. MORE

WINE: Balnaves 2012 The Blend ... Dark berry fruits and Coonawarra cabernet’s mintiness are all there, with soft merlot filling out the middle palate. MORE WINE: Topper’s Mountain 2011 Nebbiolo ... deftly designed to sit comfortably alongside a range of wintery comfort food. MORE

WINE: Craggy Range 2013 Riesling ... drink with freshly opened oysters and rejoice. MORE WINE: La La Land 2013 Malbec ... really is good value at its price point and a great match for a wintery stew. MORE

WINE: Negativity is not the way to a serendipitous dining adventure. MORE WINE: Thorn Clarke 2012 Shotfire Quartage ... already smooth and sat wonderfully next to a char-grilled chunk of eye fillet. MORE

WINE: Thorn Clarke 2012 Morello Nebbiolo ... the overall impression is of a young red that would go perfectly well with a medium-rare veal schnitzel. MORE FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Leichhardt celebrates its Italian heritage in real style. MORE

COCKTAILS: Raffles Singapore recounts its history with a timeline of cocktails. MORE DINING: Shangri-La Hotel Sydney’s Sweet Street a real treat for sweet tooths. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Niue ... the Rock of Polynesia celebrates its diverse food culture. MORE WINE: Vermentino makes great strides in Australian wine's popularity stakes. MORE

WINE: La La Land 2013 Tempranillo ... enjoy with fresh crusty bread, olives and chunks of chorizo. MORE WINE: Berton 2012 Reserve Tasmania Pinot Noir ... would make a great match for roast duck. MORE

WINE: Berton 2013 Metal Series The Vermentino ... I love this dry white’s freshness and its vibrant upfront flavours. MORE WINE: Move to organics pays off with major award for Jason and Rebecca O'Dea. MORE

WINE: Pig in the House 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon ... an almost perfect match for a medium-rare T-bone. MORE WINE: Pig in the House 2013 Shiraz ... brimming with the flavours of dark berry fruits and also shows a lick of peppery spiciness. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Head to Bangalow for an Italian-inspired start to the Sample Food Festival. MORE FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Peter Kuruvita brings international flavour to Tastings on Hastings. MORE

WINE: John Cassegrain ... building reputations based on a solid family tradition. MORE WINE: Cassegrain 2014 Premium Semillon ... it’s that same affinity that makes lemony young semillon such a natural partner for most seafoods. MORE

WINE: Cassegrain 2013 Edition Noir Nebbiolo ... an aromatic, medium-bodied dry red that perfectly suits red-sauced pasta. MORE WINE: Manners 2013 Tempranillo ... I adore this wine’s fine, chalky tannins — and the overall length of flavour it shows on the palate. MORE

WINE: Manners 2013 Shiraz ... My first taste of Manners and hopefully not my last. Drink with roast beef. MORE DINING: Shared feasts bring in winter at The Woods. MORE

COOKING: Gourmet hot dogs ... how to dress your dog in style. MORE WINE: Ottelia stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the great names of Coonawarra. MORE

WINE: Ottelia 2013 Sauvignon Blanc ... passionfruit, gooseberries, capsicums and a touch of tobacco leaf. MORE WINE: Ottelia 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon ... wonderfully balanced dry red wine that epitomises what the Coonawarra hype is all about. MORE

WINE: Rolling 2012 Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre ... The near-perfect medium-bodied, food-friendly dry red for its price point. MORE WINE: Luna Rosa 2014 Rosado ... a delightful, just-ever-so-sweet, pale pink rosé. MORE

COOKING: Cook delectable dishes without a tiny speck of wheat flour. MORE WINE: David Lowe ... a real sense of place ... and of history. MORE

WINE: Oakvale 2014 Ablington Vineyard Semillon ... A variety of fermentation techniques have given this citrusy flavoured wine more than the usual palate depth. MORE WINE: Lowe 2010 Gentleman's Daughter Pinot Noir Chardonnay ... An excellent aperitif but also has enough depth to match white meats. MORE

WINE: Lowe 2009 Bobby Lowe Sparkling Merlot ... this merlot, with its smooth earthy flavours and gentle tannins, would sit particularly well with lamb cutlets. MORE WINE: Cassegrain 2012 Fromentau Reserve Chardonnay ... The full-bodied fruit flavours are well balanced by bracing acidity. MORE

WINE: Twitchy about preservatives? Try Conte Estate's new sparklers. MORE WINE: Conte Estate 2014 Lacrima di Terra Preservative-Free Sparkling Lagrain ... a fine winter sparkling red that will readily stand toe-to-toe with the heartiest stew. MORE

WINE: Conte Estate 2014 Il Bacio d’Oro Preservative-Free Sparkling Moscato ... a good attempt at making wine without adding sulphur dioxide. MORE DINING: Underground cooking in the heart of the city. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Orange Wine Region unveils a transformed 2014 Wine Festival. MORE WINE: Mudgee's David Lowe takes his wine school on the road. MORE

WINE: Great labels maximise impact of Fowles Wines' affinity for rich, gamey foods. MORE WINE: Mud House 2013 Pinot Gris ... a dry-ish white wine with plenty of length and depth. MORE

WINE: Fowles Wine 2012 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz ... lashings of trademark central Victorian pepperiness. MORE DINING: Cameron Matthews takes helm of Spicers Clovelly Estate ... 'a restaurant with rooms'. MORE

WINE: Mudgee's Stuart Olsen looks to Europe for some left-field winemaking inspiration. MORE DINING: Bastille Day feast goes full boar at Albert St Food & Wine. MORE

DINING: The Apollo team turns Japanese and dishes up a second serving on Macleay Street. MORE WINE: Eloquesta 2011 Shiraz Petit Verdot ... a deeply coloured, smooth, quite silky red. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Central NSW’s food-and-wine calendar is brimming with authentic and tasty ways to spend a long weekend in the country. MORE COFFEE: Toast your favourite roast at The Rocks Aroma Festival. MORE

WINE: Coolangatta Estate 2013 Tannat ... went very well recently with a range of dishes and some lively lunchtime conversation. MORE WINE: Fowles Wine 2013 The Exception Late Harvest Viognier ... this sweet white dessert wine, with its bountiful aromas of apricots and marmalade, is absolutely delicious. MORE

WINE: Cambewarra Estate 2011 Amanda Verdelho ... a very attractive drink, both as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to an antipasto platter. MORE COOKING: Quick, easy and delicious family favourites from Australia’s best-selling food magazine. MORE

DINING: Restaurateur Matt Moran heading to Art Gallery of NSW. MORE WINE: Queens Pinch 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon ... it’s always nice to fill the mouth with good cabernet from warmer climes such as Mudgee. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: It's off to Rutherglen ... and Victoria's original wine festival. MORE DINING: Oysters and Guinness in a truly Irish pub ... to be sure, to be sure. MORE

WINE: Queens Pinch NV Brut ... I really like the style of this methode-champenoise sparkling wine from Mudgee. MORE DINING: Q-Dining responds to customer calls for more fresh local produce. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Become a Coonawarra cellar dweller and discover some fine old reds. MORE DINING: Abode ... a new dining venue for Sydney's Darling Harbour. MORE

COOKING: From the Monday Morning Cooking Club comes the feast that grew. MORE WINE: Mainbreak 2013 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon ... Bung a glass on the table alongside a plate of freshly cooked prawns and refill both as required. MORE

WINE: Hamelin Bay 2013 Five Ashes Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc ... palate has real length and strength of flavour. MORE WINE: Sydney Royal Wine Show appoints its first female Chair of Judges. MORE

COOKING: Things are heating up at Sydney Seafood School with the launch of their July-October program. MORE WINE: Hamelin Bay 2010 Rampant Red ... a fine wine to match with a meaty pizza or a bowl of hearty red-sauced pasta. MORE

WINE: Hamelin Bay 2013 Rampant White ... Ticks all the boxes at its price point. MORE WINE: Vintage 2014 ... a challenging one for the Orange Wine Region. MORE

FOOD & WINE EVENTS: Indulge in a taste of Manly with Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific. MORE COOKING: Tessa Kiros takes a nostalgic look back at her culinary-inspired travels. MORE

COOKING: What an offal load of tripe from Stéphane Reynaud. MORE COOKING: Stuffed pastries and ice-cream from the streets of Argentina. MORE

DINING: Frank Detrait taskes the reigns at Park Hyatt Sydney's The Dining Room. MORE DINING: Enjoy summer sunsets at Mercure Sydney Central. MORE

COOKING: Recipes with a dash of Salt. MORE COOKING: Hayden Quinn dishes up food you'll love to share. MORE

COOKING: The new Breville All In One™ (BSB530) is a one-stop food processing station. MORE COOKING: Let Elvis and Ben cook you up a good time. MORE

COOKING: Simply good food from Neil Perry. MORE COOKING: Peeking into the hidden kitchens of Sri Lanka. MORE